Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing Stems for Mixing – If you have recorded some tracks in your home studio and would like them mixed by a professional sound engineer, here are a few tips for preparing the files. It will save the engineer valuable time (and money for you) if they can simply import them in to their DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) ready for mixing… Read more

How much do you charge? – There’s a challenging question! … Be prepared for a list of questions if you ask this of a sound engineer. It’s best if you provide them with as much detail about your project as possible… Read more

Vocal tuning pro’s and con’s – Imagine this… You are in the studio recording your next single. You’ve just given the performance of your life. The passion in of your voice is clear… and emphasises the lyrics of the song perfectly. But, as you listening back to the recording, you notice a couple of phrases are a semi-tone or so off… Read more